Loss of Aviation License

LOLI coverage is available to Commercial Pilots, Airline Transport Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics, Inspector Authorized Mechanics, Aviation Mechanic & Repairmen, Aircraft Engineers, Flight Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Attendants, Cabin Crew and most other Aviation professionals.COVERAGES
Licenced Aviation Professionals depend completely on continued good health and often their ability to pass stringent Medical Examinations.
A failed Medical, an injury or deteriorating health could result in a suspension or cancellation of your licence.
No licence=No income.

can provide Lump Sum Payments for Injury or periodic benefits for Temporary or Permanent Inability to do your job PLUS the financial stability and peace of mind that comes from owning Loss of Licence Insurance. ELIGIBILITY
If you are an Licenced Aviation professional and earn money from aviation-related activities you are eligible for LOLI*
If you are an Aviation Professional but do not require a license to earn money from aviation-related activities you are eligible forĀ PAI*
*certain restrictions apply

What is loss of Licence Insurance (LOLI)?
LOLI is an insurance product designed to pay benefits to an Insured person if that Insured person has lost their Licence due to Medical issues, Accident or Disability.

Who is eligible to apply for LOLI?
Any person engaged in the Aviation Trades who is currently licenced by a Government Authority and holds a valid Medical Certificate or equivalent.

How do I apply for LOLI?

Is Personal Accident Insurance coverage included in LOLI?
Yes. There is no extra charge for PAI and LOLI covers accidents.

Does LOLI cover death from Natural Causes?
No. Only death from Accidental Causes.

How do I make a Claim?
Contact our Claims Department claims@aviationunderwriters.com

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